Biò Burner

THE BURNER BIÒ: The Biò burner has a patented technology solution that ensures the safety of burning in the fireplace

The Bio fireplace Research and Development Center has engineered and patented a burner that improves combustion and flame monitoring with the utmost respect of all legislation. This allows us to provide greater thermal efficiency, the certainty of a safe product, even when used without protective glass, and to ensure a steady flame not influenced by the movement of air.

The burner is the heart of bio fireplace and its features set it apart from all other products present on the market nowadays. It’s made of 304 stainless steel, certified waterlight welded, and technology designed to contain the escape of uncontrolled gas and flames that can be caused by the accidental passage of air.

The fireplace also features an adjustable flange that allows combustion control, to optimize the consumption and adjust the environment’s temperature with the result of an increase autonomy of 40%.

From design to production; our engineers, designers and production engineers, use the most sophisticated control systems to ensure the highest quality and best performance.