Biò Fireplace

The pleasure for a fireplace anywhere, anytime you want

The advantages of Biò® fireplace fireplaces are numerous: they do not require chimney nor work for installation, are not connected to an electrical or gas system, do not produce smoke, ash or its dust.

The ecological Bio fireplaces do not release odors thanks to the perfect combination between our burner and the bio-ethanol personally selected and tested by our technicians.

Biò® decorates private and public spaces heating the atmosphere with bioethanol, an organic fuel non-toxic to humans nor nature, derived from the fermentation and distillation of vegetable crops. The biocaminetto exploits the thermal potential of bioethanol, releasing 100% of the heat, raising the temperature of 5 / 7 ° (Celsius or Fahrenheit?) in rooms up to 40sqm.

The biocaminetto becomes by all means a versatile piece of furniture that can be hung or framed into the wall, or simply placed on the ground. The result is always the same: a warm and welcoming atmosphere for any environment thanks to the light and heat that only fire can give.